4 Mindset Shifting Actions to Get You Out of A Rut

Don’t stay stuck in a rut. Here are a few quick tips on how to put yourself back on track and keep pushing to achieve your goals.

  1. Mirror Moment:  Take a moment to look in the mirror and talk yourself. So often we are busy living and forget to check in with ourselves to make sure things are good. Taking time to communicate with yourself, be accountable to oneself and check in personally builds confidence that you can then use to shift your perspective and ultimately change your circumstances completely. It is also the perfect opportunity to look at and celebrate the thing you love about yourself today. 
  2. Leave Yourself a Voice Memo: On Monday, record a voice note for yourself on your phone or computer that you will listen to on Friday. In this note, you should take time to congratulate yourself for doing something this week. In addition to putting you in a great position to manifest wins each week, this action will help position you to be focused and goal oriented while accomplishing things one by one on your to-do list. These things add up and build momentum for even greater accomplishments.
  3. Be committed: Way easier said then done but make a commitment to your goals and plans. Having a conviction to get things done even when you don’t feel like it or circumstances are not optimal will give you an amazing sense of pride. Set up small rewards when you do what you told yourself you would do and you will have created a positive feedback loop that keeps you focused and out of any ruts.
  4. Find a Good Book to Read: Books are amazing ways to see the world, learn new skills and perspectives or simply be entertained. Grab a great piece of literature (it doesn’t have a to be a self-help book) that will open up your mind to different ways of thinking.
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  1. I am so glad that you said pick up a book! But here’s the part I love the MOST! It doesn’t have to be a self help book! I’ve become a junkie with self help books and think I’m on way overload and overwhelmed. I absolutely love to read so hearing this is prompting me to read a new book for pure enjoyment! Thank you!!

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