Alternative Activities to Get The Summer Body You Want

While I’m a fitness motivator and have created a ton of amazing, specialized and results driving fitness programs, I don’t believe that focused workouts are the only way to get fit. There are more options for getting the body you want. If you look at every sport the athlete that competes in that sport has a certain body type This is because of what performing at a high level in that sport requires of the athlete physically.

Serena Williams

Tennis athletes have amazing legs and butts but they don’t tend to really have muscular upper bodies because they don’t need it.

Sanya Richards Ross

Track athletes tend to be symmetrical all the way around.

Soccer players are obviously thinner with strong legs because they run a lot.

Robbie Rogers

You don’t have to look like a fitness model on stage. You can play tennis, volleyball, badminton, kickball, flag football or any other active activity based on your fitness goals. If you want to have amazing strong and toned legs play volleyball and tennis a few times a week and watch your body change. If you want to slim down completely join a cross country running club and take swimming classes each week.

Dance is also a great “fitness class” alternative. Take a hip hop dance class and you won’t even realize that you are burning the number of calories you are because you are dancing to the beat and having a lot of fun. I would challenge every guy to take a month of ballet classes twice a week and I know they would be floored by the intensity and work that goes into building strong legs and cores.

Decide on what you feel would be best for your body and go out and do the things that will get you there!

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