How to Set Your Summer Body Goals

I completely understand that at any moment you could not be happy with your body. Things change physically, you may have gained weight, see a softer midsection or cellulite appearing on your thighs and you don’t like it. That is normal to think and feel. The key to setting goals for personal or physical improvement lies in not allowing where you are now to trap you in a mode of self-hate or negativity. While setting your summer body goals this year, do the following:

Do Not Look Outside Yourself For Your Goals

Everyone has small things about themselves that they do not like. I believe everybody has something about themselves they don’t like but those things are usually because we compare ourselves to what we like on or about other people. Personally, I try to eliminate looking at anything outside of me to determine what I like about me. For example, if I constantly look at my husband, Scott’s, cheekbones I am going to hate my face because I don’t have his amazing cheekbones. Instead of me saying, “Can I get those cheekbones?”, I just have to enjoy that I can touch them whenever I want. I have to love my face and try to find things I love about myself.

Start With One Thing You Love About You

I talk about this in my book, “T is for Transformation”. What’s your asset? What is that one thing? When I gained weight, one of the things I hated was my face because it was so big. Now, I have my before photo in my camera roll, sometimes if I look in the mirror and my response is “ugh” I will look back at the photo and remind myself that you look nothing like that anymore. Find your asset. I use to get in the shower and know that my booty is always right so if I didn’t like something else I could always go back and look at my booty, “ Like okay something is right!” It’s always about trying to find what it is about yourself that you do like. When you get out of the habit of comparing yourself to what other people have and realize that’s why you don’t like what you have life changes. If you eliminate JLo’s butt from your vocabulary then you can shape your butt in the way your butt can look at its best and be happy with it right now because you are doing something about it.

Decide to Stay Focus On You In The Moment and Not The Future

Often times we look to the final goal to be our motivation but when you constantly look at the final goal as the motivation you get stuck in why is it taking so long. That ultimately results in getting stuck in giving up because it’s not happening fast enough. Then you settle for what is now. In order to not settle for what is now be happy for how you are working and you will continue to progress. Focus by the day and the work you have done on each day that will lead to your goals being accomplished. Be motivated by each workout you complete, each healthy meal you prepare, each gallon of water you drink. Ultimately it will make you happy with what you are doing and the momentum will continue.

  1. I struggle on a daily trying to find the time between my jobs family of 5 and with me being the only one bring in money it is hard to workout everyday . I also use to make dinner every night and could make something different for me if need be. However my husband cooks and he doesn’t need to lose weight so he doesn’t prepare food the way I would. Things are hard and looking at myself I try not to do. I feel bad that mentally I feel skinny and young but I know if I look in the mirror just not that way. I have put myself on the back burner for so long that I feel bad now when I try to put me first. I love reading everything you say and it makes me want to do great but I don’t feel am there at all.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Shaun! I find it amazing that sometimes the things I don’t like about myself (my big thighs) other people wish they had

    I am on a fitness journey and I get distracted by the big picture. So, I will focus on smaller goals along the way to it

    Thank you so much for just being you! ☺️😃

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