Let’s Talk Love and Compatibility

It’s so crazy because when I think back on past relationships I could never figure out why things just didn’t work out. For the most part, I have had some good relationships (except one… more on that later). I would wonder about each of them because the people I was in a relationship with were nice people but it never quite completely clicked.

Then I met Scott!

Everything about Scott, I like or I’m learning from. There is not one thing that I dislike about him. If it’s something I don’t agree with it’s because I’m learning from it and my mind just hasn’t been open to it. That is really important in relationships and many people don’t get it. You can’t look at your partner and think:

“ Well, I don’t like that about you.”

Technically you could but it would be better to figure out why you don’t like that thing about the person you are in a relationship with.

  • Is it because that thing is foreign to you?
  • Are you uncomfortable?
  • Are you set in your ways?
  • Do you not even know why you dislike that thing?

The person you are supposed to be with is truly going to compliment the things you need to work on because none of us are perfect. You have to be open to evolving and learning. Allow your partner to stretch you and make you better with their strengths. If it’s the one for you, you may soon realize that all the things you thought you disliked, you really just had to grow into and now learned to love. With Scott and I, we ,just help each other out in an amazing way. I love it! 

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