Toddlers and International Travel: The Benefits


I think its very important for the boys to travel and to do so very young because of some amazing advice I received very early on: “your kids are coming into your life you are not coming into theirs. They have to learn what your lifestyle is like.” 

I didn’t travel internationally until I was older, like in my 20s, and that’s still much earlier than most people get to experience. I was able to hear people speak different languages and do different things and that opened me up to new ways of thinking. 

They are so young but the traveling will continue and I want them to see the different cultures and taste the different foods. There are all different races living on this planet and  I think it’s important for them to see that everyone is human first. When you are young you don’t know race or the divisive things society conjures to keep people separate. The more the boys see early on the more open they will remain the rest of their lives. 

In addition to that, I really want them to experience different cultures to the point that they don’t think anything is “weird”. Honestly, I am discussing with Scott how I want them to attend a school where English is the second language in Arizona. I realize that when you open your mind to different things it really opens your mind to people and life and you become less judgmental. I want my kids to travel and I want their education to be different. The world can be so segregative. I want my kids to walk around like I know what segregation is but I’m not going to be a part of that narrative.

Have you traveled with your children internationally? If so post a comment below and tell me what you loved about it. What did they learn? Be sure to follow me on IG @SHAUNT and keep up with us as we travel around Europe on the #ShaunTTrainsEurope2 Tour! If you want to meet us in a city, click here to grab tickets!

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