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Trust and Believe, 2019 is going to be one for the history books. I am looking forward to connecting deeper with each person in the Fit Fam and truly building on my belief that fitness is more than physical. Fitness is mental, spiritual, physical and more. I created ShaunTLife.com because it’s time we talk more about life and I want to share with you more of my stories and how I am navigating my life. Through many experiences, I have come up with great advice, how-tos and resources that helped me create the life I want. I hope to help anyone still searching for ways to do the same.

We are building a community that is supportive so that we can LIVE LIFE TOGETHER.

On ShaunTLife.com you can expect amazing articles from me about various parts of life and how to (grow, evolve, win, etc). You can:

  • Ask for life advice
  • Learn more about My Marriage and Family
  • Get into How I Developed Mindsets That Keep Me Focused, Happy and Thriving
  • Get Actionable Steps for Turning Your Life Around
  • Connect with Other Like-minded Amazing People & More

Check back every week as we post new articles, start engaging discussions and continue to transform!

  1. So excited to continue my journey in 2019. Already getting so much from the articles posted. Let’s go!

  2. So many new things for 2019 and its only JANUARY 1st! Transform20, live EVENTS, new BOOK, growing TWINSANITY, new PODCAST, TRANSFORMATION CENTER, THE ONGOING KEY, INSPIRATION to help TRANSFORM your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT……. so excited to CONQUER my MIND and TRANSFORM my LIFE in 2019

  3. Hiya Happy New Year greetings from over the pond 🇬🇧. 2019 is going to be THE year – lots of challenges ahead. Looking forward to inspiration to keep going and not giving up when the going gets tough – physically and mentally – Bxoxo

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