Your Relationship with Food is Your Relationship Everything

Your relationship with food is a mirror image for your relationship with everything in life. If your food choices are not right your body is definitely not right either.

Food and water is how we survive; it’s interesting to me how many people put minimal thought into what they eat and why they eat what they decide to eat. Most of us are consuming things that we are use to or have been raised on not realizing how unhealthy and unrealistic it is to consume these foods but still seek a “healthy” lifestyle. You can’t continue to constantly eat fried foods, not drink water and rarely touch a vegetable but then wonder why you have high blood pressure, are chronically dehydrated and vitamin deficient.

Take a second and think about your favorite/go to foods to eat. Now think about your fitness goals. Are the foods you are eating at the times and levels of consumption you are currently eating them creating a space for you to actually achieve said fitness goals? Are your food choices even allowing you to have enough energy each day to attempt to work out? How do you feel before, during and after you eat? I promise that your eating habits are a mirror for how you are also living today!

Here are some examples: 

  • If you are a creative person you probably have to be creative with your food. You like food that is colorful, flavorful and at times very different.
  • If you are messy person, your space is messy but so is the way in which you consume food
  • If you don’t have mental fitness and your food choices are not top priority.
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