Time to Get Serious About Your Summer Body

Let’s be real! Some of y’all out there are trying to get in shape for the summer time and most of y’all are going to wait for the very last moment. It’s going to be three days before the start of summer or that amazing event you want to go to and you are going to try and drink water, eat nothing and lose weight fast. Let me tell you right now, the longer you do nothing the stronger nothing gets! It’s not going work in those three days. If you start right now, if you literally start right now you will enhance the process by putting in the work.

I want you to understand that results do happen overnight but they happen in small increments. You won’t lose 30 pounds overnight but you can in two or three months, if you eat really healthy, drink lots of water, and keep your mind right in terms of consistently thinking positively. You are going to see a change. 

The other thing is not to focus on weight but focus on the inches. One of my truth bombs is “I don’t focus on fat, I focus on the feeling” because the more you focus on the fat the more you focus on the number. The more you focus on the feeling the more you focus on what you need to feel really good about who you are. 

So as you prepare for the summertime, do things on a regular basis that are going to make you feel good. If eating a donut and doing donut Fridays with me won’t make you feel good don’t do donut Friday, do kale salad Fridays.  Constantly do things that are going to make you feel good. If working out for 45 mins is going to feel daunting, don’t just stop and do nothing; do 15 mins of a really intense workout that way you still did something that is going to make you feel good. The entire process is to build a foundation of stability so that once you do lose weight over the next two months it’s such a strong foundation (you have gone through a roller coaster of events) that you will be able to strap in tight and continue the ride. 

Now that you have gotten serious, check out my post on setting good summer body goals. 

Next month in an article look out for the 30 day get it tight get it right for the summer workout hybrid calendar. 

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  1. I agree that it takes time for form a habit if you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance, your strength, your flexibility, your mobility, your nutrition… But every body is a summer body. You want a bikini body? Put on a bikini. Love the message; hate the title.

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